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May’s Kitchen TV Program

May’s Kitchen is an Egyptian TV show starring Chef May Yaacoubi who, over the years, has taught audience members how to mix and match ingredients and food textures for a real culinary experience with a sensational journey around the Middle East and the world. Having done 4 seasons, including the first-ever International Arabic cooking show in English, we are struck with excitement for the upcoming “May’s Menu” which introduces Chef May’s real loved ones and close friends to the table, literally. Chef May has got all our taste buds covered from sweet to salty to both, from date night, boys’ night, to a quick gathering for the kids. already with great diversity, “May’s Menu” takes Chef May’s friends and loved ones to the dining table with a cozier appeal. Chef May has got all your taste buds covered in all occasions, from date night to your kids’ friends coming over, to a classic boys’ night.

  • DirectorAhmed kardous
  • DOP Ahmed kardous
  • EditorRany Nashaat
  • ColoristWalid El shakra
  • Executive Producer Hani Kardous
  • Production ManagerMohamed kardous

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